Deleting old transactions quickly?

I’ve gone through the set up process of annotating all my account and envelope balances, so that I can delete old data (2018 thru 2020). I want to keep my 2021 data in Goodbudget, so starting fresh is not a good option. Exporting and then uploading my 2021 is also off the table since I found discrepancies between what is in Goodbudget and its Export data (I gave up reconciling after about an hour or so).
I thought I could go into View All, filter for data before 1/1/21, and check all of them and delete. To my surpirse, the delete optiion, as well as Move option do not work once you select account transfers. Am I stuck deleting 3 years worth of transfers individually? I’ve already started deleting transactions, so I now have to stick to my plan.

Unfortunately, yes. Envelope and Account Transfers cannot be bulk deleted currently. Everything else should be bulk delete-able, but Transfers will have to be removed individually.

What’s the logic behind that programming, or was it just an oversight?

Good question and good catch. Transfers have two line items (“transfer to” and “transfer from”) so the intent was to disable the ability to accidentally delete one piece without being aware of the other, especially if you’re in the Envelope/Account detail view. It does make sense to be able to delete the transfer if you’ve selected both pieces in the View All filter. I’ve noted this to consider for a future update.

Thank you for your reply.

It would be most useful if both sides of the transfer were deleted when selecting and deleting just one side. Perhaps with a popup advising it is a transfer and “are you sure you want to delete?”

Thanks for the suggestion. We currently already have a pop-up that asks for delete confirmation regardless of the transaction type so we’ll have to have a think on this one.

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