Deleted envelopes being filled?

We have just noticed our scheduled envelope fills are actually higher than the envelopes/budget we have set. When looking at the last fill it shows two deleted envelopes that were filled, is there any way to rectify this? The envelopes that were deleted only show up in the fill envelope transaction, they are not there in the add/edit screen and were deleted a while ago now so not sure why they show up.

Hi Ross,

If you go into your scheduled Fill and change the fill amount for the deleted Envelope(s) to Add 0.00, they’ll be removed from that Fill and won’t put in that extra money in the future.

Hope this helps.

Ok will try that thanks, what would have happened with the fill amounts going into those deleted envelopes in the meantime? The envelopes were deleted months ago but have only just noticed this is happening.

Any money directed into a deleted Envelope by a Fill will instead show up in your Unallocated.

So in other words, a Fill of 10 to your deleted Diesel Miles Envelope like in the original screenshot would actually have Filled 10 to Unallocated.

All good thanks for clearing that up, appreciate the help.