Default envelope not changing

Unless I’m remembering wrong, GB remembers many transactions at a particular place, and brings up the same envelope by default when you enter that name. Lately, it is bringing up by default the same envelope every time. It just means I have to go find the correct one. Can this be fixed?

Hi Paul,

It is correct that Goodbudget remembers what Envelope and Account you’ve used for specific Payees in the past. More specifically, it should suggest the last Envelope / Account you used for a specific Payee. It sounds like that’s not what’s happening, but can you clarify exactly the steps you’re going through so we can better understand what’s happening?

In other words, let’s say you have Payee A. When you input Payee A, you see Envelope 1 and Account 1, and that’s not what you want? What are you expecting to see instead?