Data after 7 years

I saw on the app store description that goodbudget stores 7 years of transaction history for premium users. I have been using goodbudget for almost 7 years now. What will happen after the 7th anniversary? Will the old data start to get deleted?

Thanks you

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Hi Kelvin,

In full disclosure, Goodbudget is not actively removing data past the stated saved history limits at this time. So the short answer to what will happen is… nothing. When you pass the 7 year mark right now, you won’t notice any changes. The same is true for users on the Free plan who pass the 1 year mark.

However, the policy is in place to give us the option of removing old data in the future. Because this is not actively happening, I can’t say precisely what would happen if we did decide to start actively pruning the data, but my assumption (please don’t quote me on this though) is that it would indeed be deleted, like if you wanted to imagine a 7-year-long conveyor belt of data with a wood chipper at the end.

Because this isn’t actively happening, I also can’t say whether or not there would be a warning if it started actively happening, but I can tell you at the least that it’s not something we currently have planned. But if you ever want to save an offline copy of your data, you can always Export it with our CSV tool.


Thanks for the reply Alex :blush: