Currently there seems to be no support of other languages like German?

Dear GB team,

is support for the German language planned?
At least for the mobile app (apk) it would be very benefitial.
I am a software programmer myself and could help with translations but would understand if this is technically not easy as simple language files may not exist and a lot of things may be hard-coded or layout concerns (e.g. with longer/shorter texts/labels) may cause issues.

Thanks a lot for the great app anyways

Hi Arche,

Thanks for bringing this up. We don’t have plans to add support for German, or any other languages, to Goodbudget at this time. This isn’t because we don’t want to support our possible German-speaking (or other language) audiences, but because if we did, we’d want to do it right, and we’re not in a position to do that right now.

The first problems are the technical ones you’ve suggested in your original post. Not only would the app have to be translated in its entirety, but we would also have to think of the implications the translated words and phrases might have on the app’s design and actions. It wouldn’t be a one-time thing either; all future changes we make would have to be translated as well.

But beyond the technical issues, there are also the customer support issues. If we supported another language in Goodbudget, we’d want to fully support it, and that includes our help pages and website content and ability to answer people’s questions. If we just translated Goodbudget to German, presumably we’d get some new German users using the app, which would be great! ……until they have a question and write us an email asking for help, and we have to cross our fingers that Google Translate is telling us the truth of what they’re asking. Not so great.

While we’d love if Goodbudget was accessible to as many people as possible, we’d rather not make promises we can’t keep. It’d be simple enough to get a few translations done in a bunch of languages and call it a day, but that’s not really supporting in the way we’d want to do it.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks a lot Alex for the explicity on your side.
Perfectly understandable and it feels very good to see the professionalism at hand which only ensures my confidentiality in the software and services :slight_smile: