Credit card payment less than total interest


When I have extra money I use it as an extra payment towards a credit card. In Goodbudget, I would like to record this, but I receive a message:

The total amount is less than the interest you owe this month

And am stopped from recording it. I would like to see a feature where I can record any payment.

Thank you

The message you receive shouldn’t be stopping you from entering a payment, at least not on the web version or in iOS (sorry, I don’t have any experience with Android so I can’t test the behavior there).
Ordinarily Goodbudget will calculate the percentage of payment that goes into each category, so what you’ll need to do here is manually enter your entire additional payment as Principal, and enter 0.00 in both the Interest and Fees block. That should allow you to post the additional payment as you expect.
Hope that helps!

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