Credit Card, Envelopes, & Sync

I’ve been a GB user since '16. Just in the past couple of weeks, I upgraded to Premium for the bank-sync feature. I’m completely relearning how to use envelopes and payments, and recording of expenses.

I have a Credit Card Account that is linked. It auto brings in transactions which I have to confirm. It does not require an envelope. I have 2 scenarios - one income/transfer and one expense - I am completely perplexed as to how to record.

My spouse and I bought airline tickets this week for which he transferred his 1/2 into our joint account. It is recorded as income and an envelope is filled. I then paid the CC (at the CC web site) the amount he transferred.

I believe I understand now that the CC Pmt is simply an account transfer rather an a negative expense transaction. HOW do I reduce the envelope to which the transfer was initially credited?

Envelope expense via Credit Card
I really think i SHOULD know this but my mind can’t figure it out.

I had a credit card transaction that I want to record as an envelope expense this week. $219. I’ll pay the credit card shortly also. The bank-sync feature brought this transaction into the CC account without an envelope.

Creating an Expense transaction, I cannot choose the credit card account.

How do I record this type of transaction?

Hi Brian,

Thanks for contacting us and sorry for any confusion you’re experiencing while transitioning to using the bank sync feature.

If you’re tracking both your Credit Card and Checking Accounts in Goodbudget, we recommend changing the transaction type for credit card payments to Account Transfer. The Envelope you spent the money out of should not change as you spent the money. Think of it as coming out of your Checking Account at the end of the day.

Expense made with Credit Card
When you create an Expense transaction, you should be able to choose a Credit Card Account. Note that you cannot use Debt Accounts because they are off-budget accounts and you’ll need to enter it as an Interest, Fee, or New Charge.

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