Consolidating monthly transactions

I deleted all my august transactions in one of my envelopes because i wanted to only see this new month’s transactions and then i realized i messed up my whole account balance and envelope balance by doing that. boo! how can i fix that envelope manually to show the right amount instead of the false big amount since i deleted all those transactions? i fear my only option might be to clear all the data and start over? also, is there a way to consolidate each month’s transactions within each envelope…such as a “minimize/expand” tab so i can view solely the current month we are in and expand the past month’s if i need to?

thank you!

Whoops! When you delete a transaction, Goodbudget assumes it didn’t happen and returns the money to your account. But you don’t have to start all over to get back on track!
What I would do now is make sure any September transactions that are Posted but not Pending in your real-life account(s), are recorded in Goodbudget. Then go to your Accounts tab and Edit the balance of the account(s) to match the real life posted balance. This can be tricky because some places record the balance AFTER pending transactions, and some don’t. Goodbudget will create a line item with the adjustment amount.
Once you’ve done that, enter any Pending charges in Goodbudget—anything that’s in Pending status now, as well as anything that hasn’t posted from last month or earlier. And you should be all caught up!
I’m not aware of a way to collapse previous months’ transactions, but I assume you’re resetting your budget envelopes each month, yes?
Hope that helps!