Connect or not connect

I’m curious if most people connect to their bank accounts or not. I have been entering manually, mainly because I use my CC for 95% of my expenses (and pay it off each month). Is it easier? Does it work if you use CC like me?

I just switched to Goodbudget this year and not quite finding it efficient. Of note, I also have “escrow” accounts so I use annual envelopes regularly to be able to fund things as needed.

Thanks for your tips!

Well, you can’t connect to your bank account directly, you can only upload transactions. That doesn’t really help stay on budget though, so I think most of us enter our line items in real time. That way there’s always visibility to how much has been spent and how much is still available.
And yes, I use credit for virtually everything and Goodbudget works perfectly if you pay your cards off in full. It’s a little trickier if you carry a balance AND add new charges. I also have several annual envelopes to hold money I may/will need later but don’t want in my budget today.