Cleared Transactions between Accounts

When I make a credit card payment from my checking account I used to be able to independently clear the transaction with respect to the two accounts. My credit card will show the payment cleared several days before it cleared my checking account. I was able to mark it cleared on the credit card side and not cleared on the checking account side. This is no longer possible. When I check it cleared on one side it automatically checks it on the other side now.

I know this is not a big deal, but I like my tracking in my financial software to match what happens in real life. How can I get GB to be able to independently set the date and cleared function when paying off a credit card?

Hi Wayne, thanks for raising this. This is something we’ve identified and have a fix in the works for, so hopefully there will be a new version resolving this sometime shortly after the new year. I’ll post again when it’s live.

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Thank you Alex👍

@alex , maybe a big ask, but could we possibly decouple the posting dates as well? When I pay a credit card or transfer money between accounts (different banks, obviously), those transactions rarely happen on the same day. Any chance we could independently set dates for both sides of a transaction?
Again, not a big deal but it would sure be useful!

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Yes, please! I’m asking for the same thing!

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I’ll check in with the development team, but my understanding is that unfortunately that change would be a lot less simple than the one we’re fixing that Wayne mentioned, so it might not be possible without significantly changing the current system.

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Hi again Wayne (and anyone else following else) – we’ve just done a website update today that should have addressed this issue, so you can once again handle the two halves of Account Transfers independently, with changes to one half no longer affecting the other.

If you notice any further issues with this, or have any other questions, as always you can reach us at

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Thank you Alex, I was just going to ask you about this and you beat me to it.

Hi @Alex, I wonder if you guys don’t want to post something about reconciling after the update since it’s throwing off the previous balances. I knew to expect it from mistakes I made early on :slight_smile: but it’s kind of a niche thing for new users to have to adjust the previous balance by the payment amount if it was reconciled while the two sides were tethered.
Just my 2c!

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Just a heads up that I did a reconciliation on the website today and was still having an issue. Will the update only affect transactions entered since the update to fix the issue was done?

Did you happen to reconcile before the fix? If so, your prior balance may be off if only one half of a transaction was cleared, and you won’t be able to reconcile now without adjusting your previous balance.

I’m not entirely sure, tbh. I do some of my reconciliations weekly and some monthly, so it’s possible I still have some that only half the reconciliation was done. I’ll keep an eye on it in the coming weeks

Hi there – the update will prevent Account Transfers from becoming accidentally un-Reconciled in the future, but will not resolve ones that were un-Reconciled while the issue was still present.

If you have any outstanding Transfers that need to be re-Reconciled, you can do so with the method Tiffany mentioned (thanks Tiffany), following the instructions below:

  • Start a new Reconciliation, but copy the Previous Balance into the Statement Balance field (since we’re doing a fake Reconciliation, we want to keep the old numbers). Then set the Previous Balance to 0.
  • Change the Statement Date to the same date as the last Reconciliation.
  • Go to the next step, and check off the Transfer(s) in question. This will render you unable to finish the Reconciliation because of the Left to Clear number.
  • Copy down that number, and go back out (either by clicking Postpone or by returning the home page) and restart the Reconciliation.
  • This time, put the Left to Clear number in the Previous Balance field (replacing the 0) and start again.
  • This time you should be able to complete the Reconciliation and push those Transfers through.