Clean slate

If I create a clean slate so I can adjust my budget for the new year, will it also delete old transactions too? Will I need to download from reports to keep a record of the previous year?

While you can delete your old transactions and start over, I find it’s rarely necessary.
If you simply choose “Edit” on your budget page and reassign values to the envelopes, then “Edit” on your accounts page and adjust the balances of each account to reflect today’s accurate figures, you’ll be all set to go forward without losing any data.
Remember to adjust any scheduled Fills to match your new budget, and when adjusting account balances be sure to include any pending transactions in your calculations.
I hope that helps!

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To clarify one extra thing – if you delete an Envelope or Account, you will not lose the transactions contained within. They’ll continue to appear in your transactions list and Reports.

If you use the built-in “Clear all my data” function, that will delete all of the transactions themselves, and they will not be retrievable or searchable.

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