Citibank not linking with Plaid

I just signed up for GB premium. I’m trying to link my Citibank credit card in the “Credit Card” section using Plaid. I’ve tried multiple times over the past 3 days and it will never go through. I get a Plaid screen that says there was an error, and to try again later. Anybody else have this?

Sorry for the trouble! We’ve had a few reports of issues connecting to Citibank, so we’re opening a ticket with Plaid (the service we use to create the connections between Goodbudget and your banks), since this seems to be an issue with Plaid and Citibank.

We do have existing customers are who have linked Citibank and are syncing transactions, so this issue seems to be affecting new customers who are trying to connect Citibank for the first.

We hope to update this thread when we know more, or have a resolution.

Thanks for your patience.

Just circling back on this – Plaid has informed us that they’re aware of the connection issues with Citibank and are actively investigating it. We’ll update this thread when we know more!