Church Accounts and related budget

My wife is treasurer to the local church. We are planning to use GB to track the balances and budgets but a quick question - what would be the best approach as whilst budgets exist they are not all monthly or quarterly etc. Money is put aside each month to cover the budgets and I imagine it would be ok to use monthly envelopes for this, even though the payments out will not be monthly?

From your description, Annual envelopes may be more helpful than Monthly ones although either should work. You can add money to the Annual envelope whenever it makes sense and spend the money when it’s needed. If you know in advance that different expenses are on different schedules–for example, landscaping may be paid quarterly but cleaning is paid every six months–then you can use a variety of envelopes to meet your needs.
Just be sure you don’t have a scheduled Fill instruction to “Set” the total back to the budgeted amount; that will make it much harder to track. Any Fills should be set to “Add” money.
Hope that helps!

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