Changing forward facing payments


I keep getting stuck on this - must be doing something wrong

I setup a monthly payment - say Netflix, 1st of every month for £15

Then let’s say - the payment changes - i change it to say £11.99 but it seems to leave the scheduled payment at £15

I can edit that I suppose but since I can only see the following months schedule I can’t tell if that edits all subsequent??!

Must be me. Can you help ?

Two ways you can make a permanent change: first is to find the next charge in your pending transactions–it will be show as [Scheduled] in the app and above all the current transactions (you may need to press “See more scheduled transactions”). If you change that amount, it will remain at that value for all future events as well.
The second way to accomplish the same thing is on the web, where you’ll click “See all your scheduled transactions” from any envelope page. From that list you can find the transaction and change any part of it, including due date and amount. This will remain in place for all future transactions.
Bottom line, changing a transaction once it’s been posted won’t change any future scheduled events, but changing the next scheduled event will alter the instruction going forward.
Hope that helps!

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