Changing Envelope Types?

Hey does anyone know if it is possible to change envelope types? for e.g. switching a regular envelope to a goal or annual envelope? This would do be great if its possible so i dont need to create new envelopes and transfer the transactions etc…


I don’t believe you can change a monthly envelope to a debt envelope or vice versa, but on the web you should be able to Add / Edit from the envelope page and then drag the envelope down to the Annual or Goal sections to change to one of those types.
If you don’t have any Annual or Goal envelopes already, just add a dummy envelope to create an area for Goals or Annual, move the real envelope into the section, then delete the dummy envelope.
I hope that works for you!

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Great thanks Tiffany that worked! Glad it’s doable :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a quick clarification for anyone reading this later – you can’t change non-Debt Envelopes to Debt Envelopes (and vice versa) through the Add/Edit Envelopes page, but you can do so through the Add/Edit Accounts page.

When you’re editing a Debt Account, you can use the Envelope picker to pick a non-Debt Envelope as your Debt Envelope for that Account, which will convert it. Similarly, if you switch from one Envelope to another on the Debt Account, the Envelope that’s no longer part of the Debt Account will be changed back to a normal Envelope.

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