Change "starts every" day for monthly envelope

Hi. I have two established monthly envelopes that start every 1st of the month. When I go to add/edit envelopes, I can change my weekly envelope start date with the “starts every” drop down menu. But my monthly envelopes don’t have that option. Instead, each envelope has it’s own drop down menu to change the frequency (monthly, weekly, etc), and has a second drop down menu for “due”.

Looking online for help, I’ve seen screenshots where the monthly envelope has a drop down menu for “starts every” (which is what I need), but I can’t seem to find that option anywhere.

I think it’s because you indicated that you budget weekly. The “start on“ date is tied to your primary budget cycle, so you wouldn’t be able to start some envelopes on one day and others on a different schedule within the same budget.
If you need a monthly budget but want to fill some envelopes weekly, you could add additional Fills for every x days, but know that that will throw off the tick mark to show you how far you’d progressed in one week.
I could be way off base here but that’s my understanding. I’m sure one of the admins will confirm or deny!
@alex is this right?

Tiffany’s got it exactly right above. You can only choose the start date for Envelopes that are in your primary budget period, which in your case is Weekly.