Change primary budgeting period with existing envelopes

Please advise before I screw this up: I want to change my primary budgeting period from Every Two Weeks to Semi-Monthly. Originally, I set it up as every two weeks because semi-monthly was not an option and I have one every two weeks envelope.
So, at the top I have the single every two weeks envelope. When I select the drop-down for primary budgeting period, I get the error: “Semi-Monthly periods already exist in the More Envelopes section. Move them up to the Primary section and change your primary budget period when you’ve finished.”
Question: What do I do with the every two weeks envelope before or after this change? Or will GoodBudget automatically straighten it out?

I have a similar issue sense I am paid on the 2 Wednesday of the month.

Hi there – Your primary budget period will never allow you to create Envelopes of a period shorter than the primary period. In other words, if you have a Monthly budget period, you can’t have Every 2 Weeks Envelopes, because their period is shorter than a month.

If you’d like to keep your Every 2 Weeks Envelope, you’ll have to stay on the Every 2 Weeks budget period and have your Semi-Monthly Envelopes in the More Envelopes section.

As for your question about the switching in particular, if you move Semi-Monthly Envelopes from the More section to that Primary section, they’ll change into Every 2 Weeks Envelopes. If you then switch your budget period to Semi-Monthly, then they’ll change into Semi-Monthly Envelopes again.

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Mine is a monthly budget period. It is just second Wednesday to second Wednesday :grin:

I think your question might be slightly different – unfortunately there’s not an option to schedule transactions for a specific day (like 4th Thursday or 2nd Monday) of the month. The best thing to do in this case would probably be to pick a date that generally falls around the right time and just hit “Record now” if it comes earlier.

For example, for you, the second Wednesday could be any date from the 8th to the 14th. So if you scheduled for the 14th, it would never be late, and you could just manually click it in for months where it comes earlier.

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I picket the 16th. Thanks.