Change most frequently used envelopes

When I am importing transactions, at the bottom are my most commonly used, but these are not my most commonly used envelopes, so I would like to change them. Is this possible?

Also, when I need to drag a transaction to an envelope that isn’t at the bottom, it will try to automatically assign the transaction to the right envelope. I’d like to change or delete these rules, is this possible?


Hi there. Unfortunately it’s not possible to choose the Envelopes that appear in that “commonly-used” section.

For clarity, those Envelopes are chosen based on the total number of transactions that appear your household for all of its history. So even if you use your Groceries Envelope every day, and haven’t used your Eating Out Envelope in 5 years, if the Groceries Envelope has 100 total transactions and the Eating Out Envelope has 1000, Eating Out will show in the commonly-used section and Groceries won’t.

(I guess what this means is you could theoretically manipulate the results if you wanted by adding dummy transactions or deleting old ones, but I won’t explicitly advocate for that…)

As for your second question, I’m not sure I’m 100% certain what you’re describing. I tried dragging some transactions into the “Other” Envelope just now, and it didn’t try auto-assigning anything. But assuming any auto-assignment, I would assume that it would auto-assign based on your previous history, similar to when you add a transaction outside of the Import process.

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