Change From Monthly to Goal

I have several budget Envelopes that I originally created as Monthly (Primary) budget items. I’d like to change those to “Goal” Envelopes.

Is there a way to do this without deleting and recreating each Envelope? My concern with that method is what would happen to all the historical transactions under that Envelope when I deleted it.

Hi there – within the mobile apps, you should simply be able to recategorize the Monthly Envelope as Goal, and it’ll move to the appropriate section.

On the web, you can change a Monthly to a Goal by dragging it into the Goal Envelope section. Note that you’ll have to have at least one Goal Envelope already in the section so it appears, but if you don’t have any existing Goal Envelopes, you can create a temporary one to have the section appear, drag your Monthly (or Monthlies) into that section to convert them, then delete the temporary one.

Thanks for the help, Alex! Simpler than I’d made it out to be but all good now.

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