Can't import transactions as Debt payment transactions?

Hello there!

I’m playing with the debt accounts, as I’ve never used them before, and I tried setting up a basic debt account for my mortgage. I entered the initial value, the interest rate, all fine and good.

However, when I am importing transactions from my bank accounts, I noticed I cannot import any of the transactions as a debt repayment transaction. is this correct? Am I missing anything here?

Thank you so much!

I can’t answer this one for sure, but I believe you’re correct. The debt feature is relatively recent and it doesn’t always play well with some of the more established features like transfers and imports. I think your best bet is to automate your debt payments and handle them manually.

I use Goodbudget a LOT but I’m not tracking any long term debts anymore; I just have my mortgage as a monthly bill but I don’t track the balance here. Hopefully the admins can shed a little more light on this one, as I know they’re constantly tweaking those features.

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Tiffany’s correct! Importing can’t handle the complicated Debt Transactions fields, and so you’re blocked from importing to create these kinds of transactions. But, you can manually add your Debt Transactions and then match them with the corresponding transaction from your file. Hope that helps!

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