Can you delete a payee?

Is it possible to delete a payee from Goodbudget?

My understanding is that you can’t delete a payee if there are any transactions in that payee’s name. If you deleted all the transactions, the payee should disappear as well.
If you have a misspelled payee though (as an example) you can search for the misspelled version and correct it, which would “delete” the second entry.
Hope that helps!


On a related note, I have two spellings of the same payee, but the only difference is capitalization of one word. I would like to fix the wrong capitalization to match the right one so I only have the one “spelling” to pick from in the payee list, but keyword search is not case-sensitive. Is there any way to find them without scrolling through several years of transactions?

EDIT: nevermind, i just did a ‘select all’ and updated all the names to the same value, even the correct ones

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