Can I delete last years transactions

It’s there in the title. I’d like to delete all last year’s transactions, in one go if possible.

I’m not aware of a way to just delete one year’s worth of data, but if you want to start over completely there’s a nice instruction here.
If you have older data you want to keep, you might consider downloading your entire file in .csv format, saving it locally, then doing a restart. The old data wouldn’t be in Goodbudget but you’d still have the information for your records.

Thanks Tiffany
I’ve exported last years to a spreadsheet, & was hoping to delete those & leave this years alone.
Maybe I’ll just have to do a total clean slate & reenter this years. Only about 80 transactions. [sigh]

I wonder if you can re-import them from your own download? @Alex, can you weigh in here? I’d be curious to know too!

I figured it out. Yay me!
I went View All, filtered by date (1/1/2021 - 31/12/2021) selected them & delete 100 at a time (800-odd transactions)
Now I just have to Zero my envelopes & all is hunky-dory.

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Great! That would’ve been my suggestion. For anyone coming to read this later with a similar question, check out the Bulk Edit tool!

To answer Tiffany’s question, yes, a Goodbudget-exported CSV should work to re-Import into Goodbudget…but Bulk Edit would probably be simpler!

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