Budget Reset

I think I’ve seen variations of this question posted, but I’m not sure I found a clear answer…

Basically, I haven’t kept up with recording transactions and I’ve had to move a lot of money around which means there are a lot of irregular transactions on my primary bank account. Also, I now have a cushion that would allow me to fill my envelopes at the start of the month, even though my income comes in bi-weekly.

Is there a way for me to “reset” all envelope balances and start my accounting again say as of Mar 1st?

There is, and it’s not terribly difficult!
On the day you want to start over, pull your balance from each account you track in Goodbudget. On the Accounts tab, Edit the balances of those accounts to reflect the true balance that day. This will create a line item for the difference that you can rename to whatever suits you.
Make sure any pending transactions are reflected either in Goodbudget or in the adjusted balance in each account.
Now fill your envelopes as you like. If it’s the beginning of a budget period, just Set every envelope to it’s budgeted amount and you’ll be ready to go.
Does that help?
Edit to add: the “set every envelope” is a reference to doing a single Fill Envelopes instruction to get all your envelopes to their baseline budgeted amount. Any future scheduled Fills can include a mixture of Set and Add instructions as you prefer, but the first one should be all Set so that you’re starting from scratch. I hope that makes sense!


That sounds simple enough, thanks!