Budget Allocation Report - break down by primary budget period across the board?

My primary budget period is every two weeks. In the Budget Allocation Report, all of my Annual envelopes and one of my Monthly envelopes are broken down to the 2-week level; however, most of the rest of my Monthly envelopes list the full monthly value (and a couple list values that are neither the monthly amount or a 2-week amount - for example one is $100/month but lists the $78.77 and another is $36.48/month but lists $0.00).

Debt Payments also list the full monthly amount.

Any way to fix this?

Hi @angrob4eva – I have a guess! For the Envelopes that are showing a Monthly amount, or an amount that is neither the Monthly amount nor the Every 2 Weeks amount, I suspect there’s a Due Date on the Envelope.

Envelopes with Due Dates will suggest Fill or budget amounts based on the amount you’ve previously Filled between the upcoming Due Date and the last one. So, if you’ve partially filled an Envelope between those dates, then Goodbudget will suggest you Fill the Envelope with a smaller amount so that you don’t overfill the Envelope. Hope that makes sense!

If you want to always see your fixed budgeted amount on the Budget Allocation report, regardless of whether or not you’ve filled it, try removing that Due Date.

What I would like is for in the budget allocation report to have everything broken down to the bi-weekly amount, including debt payments Is that possible?

The Budget Allocation report will break everything down into the bi-weekly amounts (assuming you’ve set your Budget Period to bi-weekly as well). If you’re still seeing the issue you were describing above, try removing your Due Dates on your Envelopes. Hope that helps!