Beginning Balances


I have all of my envelopes set up. On 5 of these envelopes, I want to enter a starting balance. I cannot figure out how to do this simple thing. Can anyone help?


Sure! (And welcome to GB :blush:)
Once you create envelopes you’ll need to Fill them from the money you have available, or “Unallocated”. Just like cash in paper envelopes, you’ve essentially written the names on the outside. A Fill instruction allows you to put the money in each envelope.
Are you on mobile or the desktop? On the mobile platform, you’ll start a new transaction and choose either Fill From Unallocated if you’re just assigning money that’s already in your account, or New Income if you’re assigning money AND making a deposit with the same instructions.
If you’re on the web, you’ll see a Fill button on the top left that allows you to do the same thing, choosing whether to use “new money” or existing, “Unallocated” money.
I hope that helps!

That worked. Thanks so much. Kind of a weird way to do it, I am used to accounting systems allowing beginning balances to be entered on initial setup. This does the same thing!

Yep, and you’ll probably want to schedule your Fills on a regular basis, often at the beginning of your budgeting period if you have the available funds. That automates the process and makes it very easy to keep up with, and it’s very easy to edit as your goals change!