Bank has more than is "available"

Interesting issue. My total literally available is more than what is available for me to use. GB says I have $0 “available” when I actually have thousands. This has been true for several month. I am just now trying to understand why.

If you do an envelope transfer into Available, does the Available balance go up accordingly? If so, you’ve just perfectly filled your envelopes. If not, I’d recommend you close the app and restart, be sure you’re running the latest version, and if those don’t work then contact the Admins to take a look. Hope that works!

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Thanks for your post! When Available is 0.00, that means you’ve filled your Envelopes with everything you had available for budgeting. You can read more about how Available works here:

If that doesn’t help, feel free to shoot us an email to from the email address you’ve registered your Goodbudget Household with so we can take a look!

As always, SUM(Accounts) = SUM(Envelopes) + Available

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