Bank Account Links

New here to Goodbudget and using Account links. How often should I expect new transactions to appear? Are they processed nightly? And if I don’t see new transactions coming in what do I do? Is there a refresh button or something to bring them in?

Welcome to Goodbudget. I’d check out these two links in our Help Center first, as I think they’ll answer your main questions:


If you still have any questions after that, or if you have issues after several days, write us at and we’ll be able to look into your situation in more detail.

Thanks Alex. I did search for articles like those but they didnt show up. Oh well. Problem solved.

Hi M_JR,

I am a new user of Goodbudget and use the bank sync feature as well. The bulk of my transactions get pulled in during the evening or at latest early morning. While it would be nice to have a refresh button to pull in the transactions faster, that currently doesn’t exist because visibility to the transaction is subject to when your financial institution releases the transaction to Goodbudget.

I typically just wait for the transactions to come in as they are made available. The only time(s) I manually input a transaction is: 1) I am eager to see my envelope reflected a certain way or 2) I am trying to solidify my finances for a certain period before refilling my envelopes.

I hope that helps!

I think my issue is deeper. Its been over two days now and despite having cleared transactions, nothing has populated yet in GoodBudget.

I dont know if this is all my accts or just my Citi credit cards as Citi is the only ones with new cleared transactions.

Initially the reconnect worked but now it hasn’t been working for the last two days. I fear I may need wipe everything and start over. My theory is I originally had 2 step verification set up on my Citi account and that has somehow interfered with the download but not sure.

Whats interesting is if I look at the drop down list of accts to link, it shows the correct balance next to the accounts name, so its getting updated but not downloading new transactions. This is why I fear I may need to wipe everything and start over.

Anyone else having this issue with Citi?