Automatic transaction assignment to envelope

Hi guys,

looks like I somehow managed to miss that or doing something wrong and I hope you could help me with that, please.

Does the systyem suppose to automatically assign (classify/categorize) new transactions to envelopes based on the previous assignment?

Let’s say in Jan I assigned a “payee X” to be put into “evnelop Y”, then when I import new set of transactions for Feb, I want the system to automatically put all transactions it sees with “payee X” to be assigned to the “envelope Y”.

However this is not happenning.
Is it me doing something wrong or maybe I need to turn that feature on somewhere or it just never meant to be like that?

My subscription is about to expire (in the next few days) so this feature is a deal breaker for me.

Thank you very much!!

If you’ve been entering transactions all along and you’re just matching them up when you import, then they should retain their categories from your entries. Likewise, when you enter the transaction it will automatically choose the last envelope you used with that payee.
If instead you’re NOT actually tracking your budget, and are just importing all the transactions at once at the end of the month, then no, you’ll need to drag each one into the correct envelope. Hope that helps!

Hi Tiffany,

thanks for your resonce.
No, I was not going to enter each transaction one-by-one (too much efforts) but my idea was to download recent transactions from my bank and upload and do that every few days.

Goodbudget’s designed more for folks who want to keep track of their budget on an ongoing basis. I try to post every expense, and have all of my credit and debit cards set to send me an alert when a transaction is posted, so every couple of days I just assure that each alert is accompanied by an entry. It only takes a few seconds per transaction, and my end-of-month imports are almost always spot on.
There are other apps that are more passive, and will import transactions for you, but I’ve always preferred to have my budget stand alone rather than tie to all my banks.
I hope you find one that works for you!