Archive Closed Checking Account and Paid Debt Account

What’s the best way to handle a closed checking account and a paid off debt account? I know I can just leave them as is with zero balance, but I really don’t want to keep seeing them in my accounts list.

If you don’t want the Accounts to appear in your Accounts list, probably the best thing to do would be to simply delete them.

If you delete an Account (or an Envelope), it’ll be removed from the list, but the transactions associated with it will not be removed from view in either your transaction history or your Reports. So if you’re sure you’re done using an Envelope or Account, you can delete it to essentially archive it.

The only visual change (other than the disappearance from the list) will be that the transactions will be associated with “DELETED: Envelope” or “DELETED: Account” rather than “Envelope” or “Account”.

See this article in our Help Center for more details:

Thanks Alex, that’s what I needed.