Anyway to merge 2 envelopes?

Right now, I have a separate envelope for each subscription, but was thinking of simplifying and just merging them all into one envelope, subscriptions. is this possible? Or should I just go ahead and keep on creating a new envelope for each business I subscribe to?

You can’t just merge envelopes, but there are a couple of ways to accomplish your goal. First, you could group your subscriptions together so they’d still be separate envelopes but all under one subheading. To do so, just change the name of the envelope to a main name, colon, sub-name. Like, “Subscriptions: Newspaper”.
If you want them all to just fall into one envelope, you can create the envelope you want then change the existing transactions in batches to the new location. On the web (easiest) you’ll check off each transaction you want to move (in the Type column) then use Move to Envelope to reassign them.
Hope that helps!

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I currently do the grouping. Which works ok, but when i cancel and open up other services, it has gotten annoying to create new envelopes and then having no longer used envelopes.

In that case, I’d definitely just create just one for the future and re-assign the existing transactions to it. If you don’t look backwards very often, you could even just delete the old envelopes without reassigning. The transactions won’t be deleted and you won’t have the envelopes cluttering up your list.