Annual Envelope Monthly Amount

I have quite a few Annual envelopes and for the most part they work fine, but for some reason I occasionally have trouble with the “Monthly” amount that GB calculates. Here is one example.

I have two Annual envelopes in my Birthdays group, set to particular amounts, one of which just passed so is empty, and the other is due later this year and is roughly half full:

However, when I look at the Monthly amounts calculated for these envelopes, I get this:

This makes no sense. The one due in August should be $8.50/mo, and the one due in January should be $4.17/mo. These odd calculations require manual fiddling every month during fills to make sure I’m putting the right amount in as I can’t simply “Add Monthly Budgeted”

On a related note, it would be great if the Add/Set actions for these envelopes included an option to Add/Set exactly to the tick mark rather than just the full amount or the monthly amount.

Hi there – I can’t see your exact transaction history to confirm this, but this is likely a confusion over how budgeted amounts / fill suggestions work for Envelopes with Due Dates.

In short: Budgeted amounts / Fill suggestions for Envelopes with Due Dates are calculated from the sum of Fills in the given Due Date period, and not from the current balance of the Envelope.

You can see a more in-depth explanation of this in these two Help Centre articles:

  1. How are Monthly budgeted amounts for Annual / Goal Envelopes calculated? | Goodbudget
  2. Using Due Dates on the Web | Goodbudget

To use the specific example of your first Birthdays Envelope with total budgeted amount 102.00, the reason it’s showing 0.00 suggestion is that in the period between August 2, 2021 and August 1, 2022, there are Fills (or Transfers in) that add up to at least 102.00, so as far as the Envelope is concerned, you’ve finished saving for the year (regardless of the current balance).

Ok that helps explain why it’s acting the way it is. In this case I made the 102 envelope in September and filled it immediately to use (belatedly), and then set the due date to 8/1 so I’d be on time this year. I guess it will work itself out after 8/1/2022 when the calculation resets.

Would be handy if there was a way to “reset” this calculation. Or at least a way to Add/Set to the tick mark.