Android App: envelop missing fills

Hey folks!

First and foremost I love this app! Even just the free version is awesome!

Now, I think something got messed up in the Android app. Currently a “new” envelop, created as a merge of two old envelops, does not have any of the filling transaction counting towards its balance. The overall balance displays correctly everywhere on the web version and on the main page of the app. However when tapping into the new envelop the current balance displayed under the transaction value shows a huge negative number. It’s fairly clear that the filling values did not get moved across when I moved all the transactions from the old envelops into the new one…

I don’t necessarily care much about the envelop transaction history, but it does feel like a UI App issue rather than a data one…

Any suggestion?


EDIT: Clearing the app cache, uninstall an re-install did the trick! :smiley:

Leaving this post here for anybody else that might bump into the issue, will add some screenshots in a bit

Love GoodBudget!!!


Glad clearing the cache and uninstalling did the trick :grin:

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