Allow blank Name for envelop fill

I have a budgeted amount for Pet Care. Yesterday, I had an unexpected bill that I put to that envelop which sent it negative. My usual approach for this is to fill from unallocated to 0 it out (not sure this is even the right approach.)

One annoying thing on the mobile app is if I do a new transaction -> Envelope Fill -> Set to 0, it requires I put in some sort of name. I usually just put ‘abc’ because it’s not important but it’s a bit of an annoyance.

Unrelated: Also a bit annoying my site login doesn’t work for the forums :frowning:

Hi jldtx - Sorry for the frustrating experience filling your Envelopes! When you add income or fill your Envelopes on the web, you’re able to leave the Name field blank and Goodbudget will automatically fill it in for you after you save the transaction. It sounds like that might work for you on mobile.

For now, I’ve added your thoughts to our feedback tracker so we can consider them as we continue to develop Goodbudget.

Lastly, thanks for the note about logging into the forums. Our forums are currently managed by a third-party, so they’re managing the login.

Let us know if you have more questions.

On the web it works correctly. However on mobile it does not (at least not iOS)

You can reproduce it like so:

  • Add Transaction
  • Fill from Unallocated
  • Add/set some amount to an envelope
  • The ‘Save’ button in the top right is grayed out.
  • Add any value in the ‘Description’ field
  • The ‘Save’ button is now activated

Sorry my reply wasn’t clear! I was suggesting that we make mobile work the same way as the web currently does since the web seems to do what you want.

Again, I’ve got your feedback on our tracker for future consideration.

Thanks again!

Sorry for the belated notice (the update in question has been live for several months now, oops…), but we’ve made this change! You should be able to save Fills and Incomes on iOS without filling in the Description/Name field and they’ll auto-name themselves like on the Web.