Allocating envelopes to different accounts

Hello -
I have two separate checking accounts for two different purposes. I’d like to create a “set” of envelopes for each account. Is this possible?

All your account balances are aggregated into the Unallocated balance which is then used to allocate funds to all your envelope balances. There is no mechanism to restrict envelopes to specific accounts. You would need different GB households to accomplish that.

Although you can’t allocate money from a specific account to a specific envelope, you could use Groups to separate the envelopes themselves. Starting every envelope with Bank: will group them together and the total should reflect the balance in the account. For example, if I titled my envelopes BOA: Rent, BOA: Utilities, USAA: Car, USAA: Groceries they’d show up together. Would that work?

Yes, this is a very good idea! Thank you!