Adding money via Web vs SmartPhone

If I want to add a random $20 via my SmartPhone it lets me “sweep” it into an envelope. The web application leaves it in unallocated and I have to go to my phone to move it. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

It sounds like you’re filling your Envelopes by adding a paycheck. When you fill from income on your device, you’ll have the option to sweep any leftovers to an Envelope. You’ll have that same sweep option available to you on the website if you choose the ‘Fill from Income’ option after pressing the Fill Envelopes button. You can see how to create a Fill from Income on the website here. Once you’ve added your paycheck amount and divvied that up to your Envelopes, you’ll be able to choose a sweep in the ‘Review and Save’ box on the right side of the screen. Hope that helps!