Add Transaction Income Tab

Why doesn’t the income tab have the envelope option? There are times I receive one-off amounts of income that I would like to allocate to an envelope or maybe a couple of envelopes. Using GB as it currently is designed I would have to add an additional envelope transaction to move the money from unallocated to the specific envelope. Very inefficient.

I know I can use the credit option on the other tab using a negative value, but that affects my income reports. I also know that I can use the fill envelopes transaction. But using this just to fill a couple of envelopes is cumbersome.

What are your thoughts on this?

If you’d like to add money to your household and put it straight into an Envelope, you can use the Envelope Fill from New Income option. Rather than clicking “Add Transaction” and the “Income” tab, you’ll click “Fill Envelopes” and choose the “New Income” button. There you can input your Income amount as well designate your Envelope Fill(s) of choice.

edit: more details here: Fill Envelopes From Income | Goodbudget

@alex Yes, that’s what I stated above, but fill envelopes from new income list ALL of my envelopes. As stated above, it’s just cumbersome when the income will go into one or even a couple of envelopes. But no worries, I’ll just keep doing it that way.

Ah, I misunderstood what you were saying then, sorry. Yeah, when adding an Income you can either just put it to Unallocated or get the whole list of Envelopes. There’s not a way to have just one or a subset appear.