Add income - Step 3 missing

Hey everyone,

I have recently realized that when I add an income I have to immediately fill my envelopes, I can’t anymore add an income, save it, and fill my envelopes later on by accessing the “available” amount. If I do it, the step 3 “fill your envelopes” just disappears. Could that be a bug from my app?

Here’s a screenshot from a test I made, I saved 100 dollars without filling my envelopes, then when I access it trough “available” the step 3 is gone.

Hi there,

The two step process (Income → Available, Available → Envelopes) involves two separate transaction types. First you’ll record an Income to Available, as in your screenshot, then if you’d like to distribute the Available money later, you’ll do a Fill from Available to do that.

What you’re describing is related but slightly separate – when first creating an Income, you have the option of stashing it in Available or using it to immediately Fill your Envelopes. Either choice, once the Income is saved, is locked in, and you can’t change an Income to Available to the Fill kind later, and vice versa. But that doesn’t stop you from taking that Available money and Filling afterward, as I’ve described in the previous paragraph.

Hope that helps.