Account Transfers with Envelope Entries

I have bank accounts at 2 different institutions.

Currently, the one I rarely use has a balance of $-4.37. I transferred (and did an ‘add transaction/account transfer’) that amount plus $17 (next month’s bank fees) from my daily account to the overdraft account. My “Bank Fees envelope” has $22 allotted. How do I add an envelope transaction to show this $22 has been applied to the overdraft account without creating a duplicate entry.

Because Envelopes and Accounts represent the same money viewed from two different perspectives, you can’t transfer money from an envelope to an account. The $22 in your bank fees envelope could be from either account or a blend of the two; the envelopes aren’t account-specific.
What you CAN do is transfer money from the Bank Fees envelope to your Unallocated if you want that money to appear available now, or roll it over until next month to be withdrawn when the fee transaction posts (by changing your budget fill instruction from “set” to “add”).
You’ll still have one transaction for the fees paid and a separate transaction for the transfer, which is as intended.
Does that help?

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