Account synch descriptions

When transactions come in, the description is simplified. Most of the time it perfect. Other times I would like to see the original.

Wanted to confirm, there is no place within Goodbudget where you can see the original, correct?

Would be a nice feature to have access to the original description.

So a given transaction has 3 names over the course of its “journey”: the name the bank assigns it, the name Plaid gives it, and the name Goodbudget gives it.

Both Plaid and Goodbudget try to do a little cleaning of the names to make them easier to read, and both of those names are saved and shown when editing a transaction. See the example below, where “NAF NAF GRILL 012” is the Plaid name and “Naf Naf Grill” is the Goodbudget name.

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 1.19.49 PM

This is the same on the iPhone app, where there should be a line at the bottom of the edit screen that shows the Plaid-given name (and the Goodbudget-given name by default is in the Payee field).

Since we can only show the info Plaid passes us, we don’t have access to the bank-given names, but at the least you can see two levels of the name. Hope this helps.

Got it. So for me the Payee in the box and the one below are the same. So that must mean its Plaids cleaned up version that Goodbudget kept as is.
This is good to know. Thanks.