Account Balances

Hi, I was wondering how to hide account balances on the app. This would be uncomfortable in a restaurant or other settings for people to see

I’m not aware of a way to hide data in the app. You can use the suggestion link noted in this post from the Admins to request a change though!

Just to confirm what Tiffany said, it’s not currently possible in either the web or mobile apps to hide portions of a Goodbudget household. You’ll either be logged in, and can see everything, or logged out, and can’t see anything.

Just don’t open the app in public, then. Or if you do, stay off the Accounts tab. Or if you must check the Accounts tab, keep it close to your vest, as they say in poker. If you’re at a stage in your budgeting where you actually need to check an account balance before making a purchase, then doing so when you’re surrounded by friends or family waiting for you to pay is setting yourself up for failure and/or embarrassment. If you’re in that critical phase of organizing your finances or getting out of debt you should be checking balances before you put yourself in any situation where it might become an issue. As Dave Ramsey would say, “you shouldn’t see the inside of a restaurant unless you’re working there”.

Personally, I almost never use the app immediately in the moment I purchase something. I just stuff the receipt in my pocket and enter it later.