Account amount doesn't match reconciliation amount

I’ve noticed a problem today with the account totals, and running totals not updating correctly. As far as I have been able to tell, this is only happening with one of my accounts, but of course it’s the account that gets the most use. The balance showing in the account column, and in the running totals on the transactions page is exactly $20 off from my reconciled balance. There are absolutely no outstanding transactions on this account, and it was fully reconciled as of today.

I had that happen early on, and learned that the reconciliation only compares the current statement to the most recent past statement. If you’re 100% sure that the account balance from the bank is accurate and off by $20, it’s best to Edit the account balance (don’t create a regular transaction) to reflect the correct total. This will create a line item that you can rename to whatever you prefer.
When you reconcile next time, you’ll need to adjust the previous balance to reflect the adjustment as well, then you should be on track going forward.
It’s possible that things were off at the last reconciliation, or that a reconciled transaction was added or deleted in the interim (as happened to me). Hope that helps!

Thanks, that was helpful, although my brain is having a minor tic at the addition of a line item that doesn’t actually exist :sweat_smile: I honestly don’t know how long it’s been off for as I don’t usually pay that much attention to the totals as long as my reconciliations and account imports go smoothly. I do know that it had happened once before to me many years ago as well, but that time someone from support went in and fixed it so I wasn’t sure what they had done. I just think its bizarre that if I reconcile an account to $170, and it tells me everything matches and is reconciled, and there are no outstanding transactions, that the account balance page can say the account only has $150. Go figure.

I understand the tic! But yep, it’s likely been off for a while then, and since it’s only reconciling against the last reconciliation (not the actual balance) it can perpetuate forever.
Embrace the “Adjustment” line item and all will be well! :grin: