A Few Envelopes Not Filling

Hello, I am a 3-year GoodBudget customer with a recent Envelope Fill problem. At least TWO (2) of my Envelopes are not filling each month. A few background details:

  1. I have 76 envelopes that I use (plus 17 more that I no longer use). Total: 93 envelopes
  2. All envelopes are: created via ADD/EDIT Envelopes page + each has an amount entered in the “Amount” column + I verified that all desired fill amounts show up in the “Your Monthly Budget” box to the right + on the “Fill Envelopes” page, ALL envelopes are set to the same “ADD” setting.
  3. Because of the way I fill envelopes, I often do NOT have the full amount in Unallocated Funds to cover all the envelope fills on the 1st of the month. (However, this has never created an Envelope Fill problem in the past (at least not that I’m aware of).)
  4. Thinking maybe there was a software glitch, I tried deleting and re-adding the FILL amount for one of the problem envelopes. But, this morning (January 1st), neither of the two problem envelopes filled.
  5. Envelopes located both above and below the two problem envelopes are filling normally.

Any suggestions or ideas for what might be happening. I’m really stumped.


Hi there,

We’re sorry for the troubles with filling your envelopes. Can you contact support@goodbudget.com so that we can take a closer look at what’s happening? In your email, it would be helpful for you to let us know which envelopes are not being filled, the fill transaction you re-created, and what platform you’re using.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

Okay, thanks. I sent the request in via the Priority Support page. I trust that goes to the same place. (?)

Hi TeaMind,

We got the details you sent via priority support and have replied to you directly there. For the benefit of others who may have a similar question and be listening in, here’s a brief summary without the personal details.

The source of why the two envelopes aren’t filling automatically was in the scheduled fill transactions (both posted and pending). In the scheduled transactions, the two envelopes in question showed ‘add $0’. Changing the posted Fill transaction to show “add $X” would solve the problem for this month. Then changing the pending Fill transaction would make sure the envelopes get filled next month and every month after that.

If you were clicking the “Fill Envelopes” button, that would have shown you what would happen if you were to create a new Fill transaction, which sounds like what you saw in #2 above. But in your case, the problem was in an existing scheduled Fill which has been filling the rest of your Envelopes but not the two in question.

Take care,

Thanks for adding the solution here. I was one who was curious for the solution.

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