I have 2 checking accounts. My income is a SET income monthly. How do I record?

fhb - used for receiving income.
schwab - debit. I transfer income to schwab when needed.

You just need to create two different accounts in Goodbudget to match the two checking accounts. You will need to subscribe if you haven’t already in order to have more than one account.

Then just record Income to the fhb account when you receive it, and record an Account Transfer when you move any money from fnb to schwab.

If you are not subscribed and have only one account in Goodbudget, then you just treat that account as the sum of your checking balances and use it for everything in Goodbudget.


I’ll add that if some of that money is relatively unavailable in your regular budget (like a savings account would be, for example) you’ll want to create an envelope to hold it so it won’t appear in Unallocated. You can still use it as you normally would (with Account Transfers and/or Envelope Transfers as noted above), but it won’t mingle with the funds you use for regular expenditures and get spent accidentally.

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