What happens to money in the envelopes when a new month starts?


When a new month starts and some envelopes still have money in them does that money become unallocated ? If not and there’s an automatic monthly envelope filling can it overfill the envelope ?


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Money put in an envelope stays in that envelope until you spend or transfer it.

So, yes, adding a monthly amount to a monthly envelope that still has money in it will overfill that envelope.

If you have a Fill scheduled with a Set instruction, it’s possible that money could go into Unallocated. It’s rare, since usually there’s less in the envelope than you started with, but if for example a deposit or credit brings the envelope above its Set target, the remainder will be swept to Unallocated.
If your Fills only use Add instructions, then any money allocated will be in addition to any money remaining.
Does that help?