Tracking Mortgage with an escrow account?

I’d like to track my mortgage balance under debt; however, the payment includes an escrow amount for taxes/insurance. Is there a way to do this without entering two separate transactions (debt payment for the P&I and a regular payment for the escrow every month) even though only one transaction comes out of my checking account?

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Hi @angrob4eva – Thanks for posting! There is a way! Just add the amount you pay in escrow in the Fee field on the Debt Transaction tab when recording your regular payment. That way, the full amount will be removed from your Checking Account, but only the principal from your Debt Account balance. Hope that helps!

Thanks! Any way to make the projection in the progress report only take into account the P&I payment and still set the envelope goal at the full P&I + Escrow amount?

Right now, unfortunately, that report will always take into account your full payment and there’s not a way to separate out the escrow.