The little dashes

The help article describes the little dash lines on the progress bars as “where you should be by now” in each envelope.

However for bills due on the 1st they show the tick mark near the left, and bills due later show it more to the right - surely it should be the other way around? I feel like I don’t understand how these are meant to work. Could someone enlighten me please?

If I’m understanding what you’re asking correctly, perhaps the point of confusion is the direction of the bars’ movement. To clarify, they move right to left, to mirror the direction the balance in an Envelope would move as you spend from it.

As I type this, it’s the 24th of August, so a bill due on the 1st would have a bar far to the left because the 1st is coming up soon. Meanwhile, anything after the first (but before the 24th) would be later than that, so the bar would be more to the right.

Does that help make sense?

The tick mark also works on an average of what you’d spend per day, so if your Mortgage envelope has $3,000 in it you “should” spend $100/day. Obviously most of us spend it all on the 1st, so we’re “behind” or “overspent” all month long and never catch up, but that’s ok. It assumes we’re going to KEEP spending $100/day even after the bill is paid; it doesn’t take due dates into account that way.

Thanks so much Alex, so the tick mark is about expected spending from a full envelope not expected savings towards things that take multiple pay cycles.
This was indeed the source of my confusion, it’s all clear now.