Recording monthly expenses that don't pay out until later

I get paid every 2 weeks, and I put a certain percent into my tithe envelope. Each month, I put back part of my tithe to help support some friends in the Philippines. Because of the high cost of sending money, I only send the money every 4 months. I want to reflect that the money is accounted for each month, and still show that it leaves my account at the end of the quarter.

Their support is $40/month, but I send it as $175 every quarter (the fees accounting for the extra money). When I sent it this month, it makes it look like my tithe envelope is overspent, as well as making it look like the money comes out of my account twice.

What is the best way for me to record these transactions? Should I just leave a balance in my tithe envelope and schedule the transaction quarterly?

Your solution sounds like the best one. Create a quarterly (not monthly) envelope for clarity and be sure that its Fill is created to Add money (instead of Set), which will leave the previous balance intact each time you add more. It will accumulate until you make your payment, then you’ll be starting over for the next time.
Hopefully I’m allowed to say this here, but our daughter lives abroad and I use Wise to transfer money to her. It’s quite a bit less expensive than any other option I explored and very easy to use, if you have the recipient’s details. For example, sending $120 from a connected bank account to a recipient in Philippine pesos would only cost $2.12 in total fees.
Hope that helps!


Thanks! Sometimes I get stuck trying to figure out how to make the app accurately reflect what’s going on in my bank accounts.

Thanks for the info on Wise. I’ve been using Xoom via Paypal, but I’ll check out Wise. It looks like either way they don’t use a competitive exchange rate, but Wise looks