Record Scheduled Transactions NOW for the future date

Is there yet an ability to record scheduled transactions now for the future scheduled date without having to edit every transaction to change the date? I like to be able to forecast a month or so out. Thanks.

You can schedule a transaction either once or recurring by using the Schedule button when you create the transaction. You’ll see it in the Scheduled Transactions list to help plan for the future.
If you want a balance forecast though, you’ll want to use the web version for running totals and not use the Schedule feature.
Does that help?

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Not really. I know how to schedule. But, I don’t know what you mean by “running totals.” I rarely use the web version.

The web version, but not the app, shows the balance after each transaction, so if you have future transactions recorded you can still see how much you have today or at some future date. If you open Goodbudget on the Web from your mobile browser you can see the totals.

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I, too, forecast a month out. The android app, and as Tiffany said the web, shows the running balance for pending transactions. Of course the running balance is shown in any given account and not on the home page.

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Hi jlmathgirl,

Thanks for posting! When you use the ‘Record Now’ feature, the transaction will take the current day’s date. But it sounds like Tiffany’s idea of scheduling out a few months in advance might work for you. If you schedule out a few months’ worths of transactions, you’ll be able to view your running balance to forecast where you’ll be in three months.

Hope that helps!