Planning for Retirement / Changes to budget and envelopes


I’m planning for my retirement in a few months. That will mean a complete rework of my existing budget. New envelopes, not using some existing envelopes, etc. I have a lot of historical data in those envelopes that I don’t want to lose. How do I start a new budget with a lot of changes to existing envelopes without doing a “rake and burn” and losing historical data?

The only option I can think of is to download it to Excel. Not a great option…do you have a better suggestion?


Congratulations on your retirement! Downloading to Excel isn’t a bad idea as a backup, but the good news is that deleting an envelope does NOT delete its transactions. They’ll still be in Goodbudget but the envelope will show as a strikethrough “deleted envelope”.
I hope that’s helpful!

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Thank you!

As a test I deleted an envelope that I haven’t been using from the “annual” section. I don’t see it anywhere as deleted envelope. Where do I go to find that?

Thanks for the help…


The envelope will be gone but the transactions themselves will remain. If you “View All” you’ll see those transactions but they’re no longer associated with an envelope.
A few of us have asked about creating a “view/hide” toggle for envelopes and accounts but it hasn’t bubbled to the top of the roadmap yet.
Edit for clarity: there’s no “envelope” but where the envelope would be noted in the individual transaction it will display “deleted” with the name struck through.

Thank you for the information!