Income transaction

Using the android app, I’m adding a miscellaneous income transaction that will be added to a single envelope, why isn’t there a field to allocate the income to an envelope? Currently it automatically places it in unallocated, then you have to add an envelope transfer to put it in an envelope. This isn’t efficient at all.

I can just use the add transaction command, using a negative value in the amount and that would be more efficient because that command has an envelope field. Please explain the reasoning or benefit of using the Income command?

Hi Wayne,

You should be able to allocate your Income directly to an Envelope by tapping the “From New Income” button then on the “Fill Each Envelope” option in the “How to fill Envelopes” menu. Once you do this, your Envelopes list should appear, allowing you to choose Envelope(s) to Fill directly.

Is this not what you’re seeing?

Thank you Alex for your reply. First, I erroneously said I was using the android app. That was not correct, I’m using the web version. Second, you are right I can use the fill envelopes command and that’s what I use to record my paycheck. However, my original question still stands, why
isn’t there a field to allocate the income to an envelope when using the add transaction, income command?

Hi Wayne,

That’s because on the Web version, the Income to Unallocated and Income to Envelopes functions are split up. You should be able to accomplish the Income direct to Envelopes like on the Android app by clicking the “Fill Envelopes” button and choosing the “From New Income” option. Once you do that, you can scroll down and choose Fill options for your Envelopes like you could if you were doing a Fill from Unallocated.

Thanks Alex for the explanation. The income tab is for those who allocate all their income to unallocated, then they allocate later.